Organizing and Reducing

Published on December 10th, 2011

Organizing Your Life

Organizing Courtesy of Alborzshawn

In a small home there is always the challenge of what to keep and what to discard…

In my family we define ‘junk’ as that which you threw out — two weeks before you desperately need it again. Items which are used infrequently, but when needed…they are critical. At that moment a well built tool, used infrequently, but which has been in the family for generations…is the essence of green!

As a result, the experts’ concept of ‘if you haven’t used it in a year, then throw it out’ seems flawed. It encourages the throw-away society (see the definition of ‘junk’ above) and results in a cycle of discard and re-purchase.

The other unfortunate extreme is hoarding, as problematic as the throw-away perspective.

So — how to create a workable system that permits and promotes:

  1. Decision making (what to keep and what to discard),
  2. A useful well organized storage space (allows us to get to it when we need it and put it back when we’re finished), and
  3. Action

Solving this will help us all figure out how to live within our walls the way we really intend.

Luckily, computers make it increasingly realistic to keep ever greater quantities of material on ever smaller computer equipment and Manufacturers continue to make items smaller and smaller.

Another article addresses the estimation of needs for desk/office space – I have come to understand that almost all of us underestimate how much space is needed per person.

Here is an article on the subject of downsizing by Peggy Patenaude.

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