The Home Office

Published on December 12th, 2011

courtesy of diomedenet

I read an article which reminded me of the evolution of the home office, who needs one and how to redesign our existing homes to accommodate them.

What I have learned:

Individual Office Space
Every member of the family needs his own ‘office’ space.
A desk 6 feet long and 18-24″ deep allows the user to keep all his stuff on his own desk (rather than the dining room table)
Six Electrical Outlets
4 file cabinet drawers to accommodate supplies and files
Desk lamp
A chair
Pidgeon holes

Easy enough to arrange by purchasing a board and placing it atop 2 filing cabinets purchased cheaply at a garage sale or used furniture store. Pull up a chair, run a plug strip and set a desk lamp on top and you have a perfectly functional desk

Per person: 30 square feet (roughly 6×5 feet)

The Home needs a central hub with the minimum dimensions of 2’x3’x8′ tall to permit it to contain:

Printer, fax, copier, scanners
supply hub shelf
network cabinet
good airflow
incoming network lines (phone, cat5, etc.)
12 electrical outlets
Overhead lighting

An extra and unused closet in the house can be re-purposed to meet this need. A little more difficult to, it requires some specialized wiring and shelving to accommodate the equipment and perhaps some technical assistance to assemble and configure the network.

The challenge really starts to take shape when we begin to think about the number of people in a household, the square footage of the households in which people live and the amount of space needed for the chair, How to make the space semi private (for concentration), and keep its to the remainder of the family environment

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